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Timer with PWM dimming

Timer with PWM dimming

Supplier: LEDdevil by Ingenieurbüro Warnke GmbH

Order number: EN L-00180-040

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Product information "Timer with PWM dimming"

Timer with PWM dimming for dimmable LEDs and LED lighting for input voltage of 12-36 volt DC


Aquarium-timer with PWM dimming function for dimmable LEDs and LED lighting from 12 to 40 volts DC or constant current LED power supplies.

Where appropriate, other electrical devices are controlled so as long as they respond to the WM signal (pulse width modulation). To simulate sunrise and sunset or moonrise and moonset or any other application that a angsames lighting up and shutting down the brightness require.



The time switch with a dimmer has to be installed between the transformer (power supply) and LED and can be operated independently from the transformer model. The voltage range of 12-36 volts DC must not be under-or exceeded. For indoor use only in dry conditions. Other electrical equipment maybe effectively controlled, if they respond to the PWM signal (pulse width modulation). This product is for controlling LEDs to simulate sunrise and sunset or moonrise and moonset, or any other application und usage requiring slow lighting up and shutting down the brightness.



230 V AC -> LED Power Supply -> for example, 12V DC -> switch with dimming function -> LED Lighting


Technical data: Terminal block of backside socket
Finish: plastic housing Color: White
Power supply: variable input voltage of 12-36 volt DC,
Input terminals on space A = "+" and B = "-"
Output at terminal strip space C = "+" and D = "-"
Electrical Power: Maximum power 6A
At 12 volt DC = max. 72 watt, about 65 watt Permanently
At 24 volt DC = max. 144 watt, 135 watt approx permanently
At 36 volt DC = max. 216 watt, 196 watt approx permanently
Operating temperature: 0 ° C to 50 ° C.
Operating: Location Independent
Housing Dimensions: Length: 85mm, Width: 85mm, Depth without clamping bar: 22mm (45mm with clamping bar)
Storage time for the settings without electricity: 2 year internal lithium battery.
Display: Two-line LCD display (16 * 2). About this LCD screen can be read at any time the user changes, the current setting and adjusting values.
Time: system time (editable) with a power reserve of 2 years by internal lithium battery.
Connections: Rear terminal board with 1x4 terminals (input + and -) and (Output + and -)


Buttons: Four key buttons are right under the display (MODE, SET, MODIFY, ENTER)
Parameter settings: This timer with dimming function has five modes. Four automatic modes and a manual mode for static settings and system settings.



Explanations of key functions:


By pressing the "MODE" button takes you to the first or next mode. The following setting appears on the display, for example: MODE 1 or MODE 2 SCENE1 SCENE1. If you're in the SCENE scenarios (subroutines), you can go back to MODE again. (A "click" one step back)

SET (sub programe): Press the SET button to navigate within the mode by the SCENE1 ti SCENE8 and enter the time and the dimming level value.

MODIFY (change): With the MODIFY button you can change the values for hours (hh), Minutes (mm), light level (%) and system time. Each press of the MODIFY button causes an increase in the value. When this button is held down longer, the values change automatically very quickly.

ENTER (confirm): Press the ENTER button to confirm the values and close the corresponding SCENE. The system then stores the settings you made.


Note for the battery law

In connection with the sale of batteries and rechargeable batteries and equipment containing rechargeable or disposable batteries, we want you in accordance with § 18 of the Battery Act (BattG) point out the following:

Batteries, and accumulators should not be disposed of with household waste. You are obliged by law to return as the end user of the waste batteries. You can use these after use either at your local collection points, in trade or directly from us (address see Contacts) return for free disposal.

Batteries may contain harmful substances or heavy metals that can harm the environment and health. Batteries can be recycled, as they contain important raw materials such as iron, zinc, manganese or nickel.

Batteries that contain hazardous substances are labeled with the symbol of a crossed-out wheeled bin and the chemical name of the pollutant.



Here are Cd for cadmium, Hg for mercury and Pb for lead.

The full text of the laws BattG can be found on the website of the joint project of the Federal Ministry of Justice and the Juris GmbH





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