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Scouting Trail Camera 940nm Infrared 6-12VDC

Scouting Trail Camera 940nm Infrared 6-12VDC

Supplier: LEDdevil by Ingenieurbüro Warnke GmbH

Order number: EN L-00990-080

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Product information "Scouting Trail Camera 940nm Infrared 6-12VDC"

Picture live via email.

Photo sent by e-mail via Internet-Flat (about 0.26 cents / photo)
Power supply: 6-12 V DC (For example: Old car batteries)

With invisible "black light" LEDs (940nm)
12-megapixel image quality, HD video 1270x720 + Sound







1. Insert the SD memory card correctly, camera does not support SD card hot swap (insertion).


2. Please use AA battery with good quality in order to prevent battery cells from corrosion of leaked acid.


3. Use right adaptor (6V/1A or 2A) of this camera to supply power, and do not invert the electrode when put in batteries.


4. In Test mode, camera will automatically power off in 1min without any operations. Please manually turn ON it as if you want to use it again.


5. Don’t interrupt power supply during system upgrade, please deliver it back to factory if the device doesn’t work after upgrading.


6. Do not frequently insert or pull out SD card and battery or plug in and out the adaptor when the camera is on.


7. Do not have any floating objects, such as leaves, strings, or ribbons in the 3M motion detection zone of cameras, to avoid mistaking photograph or videos.


8. Do not keep camera next to hot irrelevant objects, air conditioner exhaust vents, and light, etc. to avoid mistaking photos or videos.




Key Features

  1. Programmable 5/8/12 Megapixel high-quality resolution;

  2. Especially designed function buttons for user’s conveniences;

  3. Optional to turn on/off camera speaker;

  4. 40 pcs IR LEDs for flash range as 20 meters;

  5. Adjustable PIR sensitivity;

  6. Multi-shot pictures (up to 7 pics per trigger);

  7. Impressive quick trigger time: 0.8-1s (GPRS trigger time is 1.2s);

  8. Support standard 6~12V solar panel;

  9. Color pictures during day; black and white at night.

  10. Adjustable delay between motions;

  11. With 8 AA alkaline batteries, the longest standby time is up to 6 months;

  12. Available operation temperature: -20 to 60;

  13. Time Lapse for automatically and constantly shooting of pictures/videos at preset interval;

  14. With specified Timer, camera can be programmed to work only during preset time period every day;

  15. Stamp of USER LABEL, date, time, temperature and moon phase on every picture enables you to identify where and when the camera shot photos;

  16. Built-in 2.0" TFT color screen to review photos and videos in camera.

  17. Audio Recording brings you heart pumping like ever before;

  18. Two different TV OUT settings help you review photos/videos even from Television.


Below are for GPRS Model only

  1. With SMS/MMS/GPRS/SMTP/HTTP function, camera can transmit photos to 1-4 settled mobile phones and 1-4 email accounts according to set intervals constantly at lower battery consumption.

  2. SMS alert when battery is low;

  3. SMS to realize various configurations;

  4. SMS to enable camera to shoot a photo and send back instantly;

  5. Support most 2G and most 3G SIM cards to get real-time photos;


Main Menu

Default Setting

Functions Description

1. User Label


Select “ON” to set 4 digits/alphabets for each camera. Such function can help user to identify photos are from where and which camera.

2. Camera + Video


Select “ON”, camera shoots photo(s) first, then video upon same trigger event based on Video Length and Multi-shot user configured.

3. Multi-Shot


Optional 1/2/3/4/5/6/7 photos per trigger

4. Image Size



4000x3000, 3264x2448, 2592x1944

5. Video Size


HD/640/320: 1080x720/640x480/320x160

6. Video Frame


30fps/15fps, programmable

7. Digital Zoom


Lens focus room in 2/ 3/ 4 times.

8.Video Length

5 Sec

5-60s video clips

9. PIR Sensitivity



High/ Middle/ Low;

Higher sensitivity is 1) more sensitive to movements by smaller subjects; 2) longer detection distance; 3) easier for sensor to detect difference between body heat and outdoor temperature; 4) easier to trigger camera to record. In high temperature environment, body heat of subjects and environment temperature is hard to tell by camera, suggest setHigh.

10. Timer


Select “ON”, to set the beginning time and end time (hour/minute); camera will only work during the time user set.

11. Time Lapse


Select “ON”, to set the interval; PIR sensor of camera will be turned off; camera will shoot pics or video clips automatically upon the interval user set.

Configurable interval: 5 seconds to 24 hours.



The pre-set time interval you desire between photo/video recordings upon motion. This option prevents from taking too many photos or videos.

Example: Camera will wait 1 minute between

photo/video recordings with motion

Configurable delay time: 5 seconds to 2 hours.

13. Audio Recording


Select “ON”, audio available in video clips.

14. TV Out



15. Stamp


To select or cancel imprinting of programmed user label, moon phase, temperature, date, and time on photos.

16. Frequency


Improper setting may cause camera screen flicker

17. Language



18. Time/Date

01/ 01/ 2011

12: 00

Date/Time; Date: “month/ date/ year”; Time: “hour/minute”

19. Camera Sound


Select “OFF” to turn off camera speaker.

20. Cycle Recording


Select “ON”, camera will continue to record photos/videos by deleting earliest photos or video clips recorded in SD card.

21. Password


Select “ON” to enable password protection for your camera; support totally 6 digits/ alphabets long password access.

In sub menu to set URL/ APN/ IP/ Port,

User can navigate to choose needed characters by pressing “←”, “↑”, “→”, or “↓”, press “OK” for selection, Menu” to switch group of characters. Needed information entered, press “OK” to confirm icon “to save & exit.

22. Country Set

(For MMS only)

Choose your local wireless operator(SIM Card provider) from the available list by steps below:

i.e.: China Mobile:

China”→press button ”OK”→”China Mobile”

Note:Pls check if preset URL/ APN/ IP/ Port (Username & Password if required) in “MMS Setup” are exactly the same offered by your local operator.

23. MMS Setup

If you can’t find your local operator from “Country Set” list, please contact your operator for URL/ APN/ IP/ Port (Username & Password if required); delete the default settings and enter your GPRS information manually.

(We’ll add the needed operator info into “Country Set” list whenever we’re informed with the detail effective information.)

Note: MMS only send photos to preset phones; if MMS is with wrong information entered, then phones will not be able to receive photos from camera.

24. SMTP Setup

  1. Enter your SIM card provider APN;

Note:APN will be entered automatically if you select your operator in “Country Set”

  1. Enter your mailbox IP;


Hotmail IP:;

Gmail IP:;

  1. Enter your mailbox port;

Port of most mailboxes is 25; plz enter your mailbox corresponding port.

  1. Enter your mailbox password access.

Note: SMTP only send photos to preset emails; if SMTP is with wrong information entered, then emails will not be able to receive photos from camera.

25. FTP Setup

  1. Enter your SIM card provider APN;

Note:APN will be entered automatically if you select your operator in “Country Set”

  1. Enter your FTP server IP;


FTP Server IP:


Gmail IP:;

  1. Enter your FTP server port;

Port of most FTP server is 21; plz enter your FTP server corresponding port.

  1. Enter your FTP server password access.

Note: FTP only upload photos to preset FTP account; if FTP is with wrong information entered, then FTP account will not be able to receive photos from camera.

26. Send to

Enter 1 to 6 phone number, or 1 to 6 email accounts to receive photos from camera.

27. GPRS Mode

  1. Power Saving Mode: (Battery Power)

Camera GPRS module will only be activated upon trigger.

  1. Indoor Mode: (Power adapter connected)

Camera GPRS module stand-by all the time to send photos, and receive remote SMS command orders.

Note: If you want send SMS command and get response anytime, please choose Indoor Mode.

28. Card Txt


Select “ON” to enable camera to record the trigger time only, instead of shooting photos/Videos to save battery power.

How to use?

User can check out when and how many times the camera was triggered by moving objects by reading the time points listed in Txt file which is saved in SD card.

Allow SMS command message from phone to withdraw this file remotely.


Enable user to know what time period there will be more animals/ moving objects. User can by then to set “Timer” (manually or by SMS command message) to enable camera to shoot photos/videos only during that specific time period.

22. Reset


Select “Yes” to reset camera back to factory default setting.





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