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1000 Watt Super Power LED-Floodlight

Supplier: LEDdevil by Ingenieurbüro Warnke GmbH

Order number: EN L-02750-160

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Product information "1000 Watt Super Power LED-Floodlight"


1000 Watt Super Power LED-Floodlight, scallable from 200 to 1000 Watt


Various models with up to 1800 watts, custom lighting for high standards for the brightness.

For sports fields, tennis courts, stadiums, industrial, warehouse, market, assembly and production facilities, cranes, searchlight, building sites, advertising, hall radiator, bay light, cold rooms, cold stores, high-bay warehouses, ports, airports or security lighting at concerts, with variable Eingangsspanung 230 volts AC and 230 volts DC on a cable. Can be ordered for 24 volts DC.


Please contact us, we will make you an offer. Also suitable for daylight-dependent control.


The LED Floodlight is the professional LED floodlight for sports courts, sports halls, sports arenas, stadiums, ski run, crane and other large events.

     LED headlight for sports fields and arenas
     Optimum space illumination
     Weather resistant aluminum housing



LED floodlight for optimum illumination:
All sports facilities and recreational facilities need very good lighting. All players (coaches, referees and players) or the spectators are offered excellent visibility, especially in the late evening hours. The LED floodlight is made of a weather-resistant sturdy design. The separately installed ballast on the back of the LED flood light and the correspondingly adapted to customer mounting bracket is included.

Recommendation to the number of LED Flood Lights:


At 6 poles with 8 LED Floodlight with 1000 watts (8300 watts total) results in an average illuminance of 50 lux light height:. 18m


DIN Index LED floodlight
International competition level - Lighting Class I
Regional competition level - Lighting Class I and II
Local level of competition - Lighting Class I, II and III
Competition level training - Lighting Class II and III
Competition level school and recreational sports - Lighting Class III

Lighting Class I - 500 lux, uniformity 0.7
Lighting Class II - 200 lux, uniformity 0.6
Lighting Class III - 75 lux, uniformity 0.5

For optimum lighting on your sports field - the LED floodlight of Ingenieurbüro Warnke GmbH.




Services - Length - Width - Height (without bracket) - Weight

(without power supply housing)

200-220 Watt - 300 mm - 750 mm - 98 mm - 16 kg

400-440 Watt - 530 mm - 750 mm - 98 mm - 40 kg

600-660 Watt - 760 mm - 750 mm - 98 mm - 50 kg

800-880 Watt - 1010 mm - 750 mm - 98 mm - 75 kg

1000-1100 Watt - 1220 mm - 750 mm - 98 mm - 90 kg



Symmetrical beam angel: 25°, 45°, 70°, 90°, 120° (for extra charge: 2-3°, 5°, 10°)


Color temperature: 2800K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 6000K, RGB, infrared, ultraviolet




Benefits of our models:

1. Easy replacement of the lamp: when ordering the customer tells us about the details of his holder and gets a similarly manufactured mounting bracket directly from us. This usually requires no modification of the mast arms / brackets.

2. Swivel range: our sturdy bracket and holder are designed to 270° range.

3. Easy service: Very easy service by construction of module and frame. All parts are easily well within to reach and have an easy service position.

4. Optimized thermal management: thermal separation through modular design. LED lines, power supplies and housing are separated. Our gross housing area is also a net cooling surface. Each LED has its own cooling fins. Due to the vertical arrangement of cooling fins, the air can freely circulate and very effectively cool the LEDs.

5. Closed coverage type: closed housing with IP65 for each LED line and the power supply. Reflectors and LEDs are protected behind single-pane safety glass.

6. Vertical fins: rain automatically flushes down dust and leaves.

7. Reliability: each LED line with separate cable and power supply. If a LED-line or a power supply fails, there is no influence on the other power supplies, LED lines or LEDs.

8. CREE LED: high quality CREE LED with stable fixing and easy replaceable. These CREE LEDs are allowed up to 15 watts of power. We operate these LEDs only with 10 Watts. This ensures long service life of the LEDs, very low loss of brightness, high colour stability (RA value) and a balanced thermal management.

9. Precise light control through special reflectors: we use special aluminium reflectors with a reflectivity of over 92% with computer-controlled manufacturing for a precise angle. Therefore the light is very symmetric, homogeneous and without shadows. The different beam angles from 5° to 90 ° are optimal for sport courses / tennis and soccer fields with light point height of approx. 8-50 m.

10. Very stable construction: screw, holders and brackets are made of solid stainless steel, the frame from aluminium.

11. Future-proof: because we use standard LEDs you can replace the LEDs or LED lines very easy against new, approx. after 50 000 hours of operation.

12. Modules separately to switch: by e.g. a 1000 watt LED flood light you can switch each power supply separately. That is why the 1000 W LED flood light is gradually in increments of 200 Watt "dimmable".

13. Dimmable: on request also dimmable for 0-10 V.

14. Radio remote controlled brightness control: through an extension module it is possible to make the dimming via radio, manual or even automated.

15. Capable as emergency lighting : 230V AC and 230V DC on a cable. (Voltage range: 90-305VAC, 127-431VDC)

16. Truck/car mode (12-30 volts DC): through the use of special LED power supplies it is possible to use it e.g. in fire brigade vehicles, light poles or in other mobile devices.

17. Standing and hanging installation: due to simple rebuild of the mounting brackets as well for pole ends as also for hall ceilings or walls.




Technical data 1000 Watt LED substitute for 2000 Watt HQI/HRI:

  • Energy efficiency class: A++
  • Weighted energy consumption: 1080 kWh/1000h
  • Luminous flux: max. 100200Lumen
  • LED-typ: CREE with Reflector
  • Efficiency LED: approx. 100 Lumen/Watt. Depending onthe color rendering index (Ra) and colour temperature (K), the efficiency is between 90 – 115 Lumen/Watt.
  • Colour temperature (lightcolour): 6000 K daylight white (standard version)
  • Colour reproduction index (Ra): >80 (standard), optional Ra>60 with approx. 15% more brightness or Ra>90 with approx. 10% less brightness)
  • Junction temperature LED: <60 °C (Ta=25°C)
  • Power supply: 240Watt (5 pieces)
  • Beam angle LED: 45°
  • Life LED: approx. 50000 h
  • Dimmable: yes, request only (0-10V)
  • Lamp luminous flux at the end of life: approx.. 78%
  • Loss of brightness after 10,000 hours: ca. 3-4%
  • Warning: Photobiological safety according to DIN EN 62471: free group: lamps/lights represent no photobiological danger.
  • Housing material: Aluminium (6063), corrosion-resistant (Rod aluminium profile)
  • Lenght: 1010 mm
  • Width: 750 mm
  • Height above all without bracket: 320 mm
  • Weight: 85kg(incl. power supply and with power supply box)
  • Maximum wind surface (rear/front):0,85
  • Mounting:1 piece mounting bracket made of stainless steel 60x10mm, details of holes etc see below
  • Swivel mounting bracket: 270°,
  • Gasket: Silicone, heat-resistent
  • Hestsink: numerous rear fins
  • Fitting: stainless steel (V2A )
  • Glass: 4mm tempered security glass
  • Electrical connection: cable 85-295 Volt AC, 50-60Hz
  • Cable connection:customer side (diameter up to 10mm).
  • Cable gland for cable customers: ISO M20x1,5
  • IP-rating: IP65
  • Operating temperature: -30°C < T a < + 50°C
  • Protection class: 1
  • Number of switching cycles until the premature failure: about 100000
  • Start-up time: <1 Sekunde
  • Ignition time: <1 Sekunde
  • Power supply (Meanwell): backside in boxes, (voltage and current can be adjusted)
  • Electric power factor: P > 0,95
  • Total wattage incl. power supply: 1080 Watt
  • Inrush current: 780 A/800 µs
  • Recommended installation height: 6m bis 100 m (depending on the optical beam angle)
  • Main applications: As a point or plane projectors for all lightings in outdoor and indoor area.


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